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 PCC/ACN’s Relief Support Work – to the most vulnerable people because of lockdown due to risk of the coronavirus spreading 

A quick update – 07 April 2020 by Raju Adhikari for Pokhara Christian Community (PCC) and Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN)

”For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mar 10:45 ESV) 

The whole world is agonised with the coronavirus and we all are confined in a small space. Even within our own families we are cautious with each other. We want no one to visit us and become frequent in touch. Supplies is running out in the kitchen. Hard to extend helping hands to others as we see to be saved is important and is only the best way to save others. Education on ‘washing hands’ had been undermined as we thought we are advanced. Now this has become so important matter to talk about and the world’s top leaders promote this among themselves. There are many countries similar with Nepali culture who utmost struggle with this suffocating condition, as we love to mingle, visit people even without notifying, share whatever we have. It is sad, that this micro virus is shaking the globe. Day by day the number of people with corona infection is multiplying. It is really heart-breaking so many have been dying with the corona infection and many medical people and other frontline people also die while treating and caring the infected ones by this virus. Here is a good news also, that 95% of infected people are cured. We have 3 new cases recently in Nepal and having one of them a local person, makes the country entered the 2nd stage. People have flooded in form India to Nepal from the open borders have been the highest risk factor at this moment. Government is tightening the movement of people and has extended lockdown 2nd time till 15th April. The recent prevalence with 3 people at once in the far-west is triggering a high risk.

Each relief package contains the items listed here 

There are 40 thousand people who registered their names with the Pokhara City Office for food supplies for immediate relief. Among them are the migrants who are with their families and living in rented rooms, dependent on their daily wages for daily living. Children, elderly people, and people with disabilities are badly suffering. While writing this update, I received a call from Pastor Ram Bahadur Thapa from Kohalpur ward 14, asking if we have any way to help people in the church who are suffering from lack of food. They are migrant and live on their daily wage. I replied, we all are in trouble and trying to cope with it. In Pokhara, churches are trying their best to help people and also participating to support others. Let’s pray and see what we can do. The Pastor replied and said that he is encouraging people to pray and wait, but those people said that they are suffering with empty stomach and unable even to pray. There is a message shared by a Pastor about a community of around 300 households of Mushahar in Rautahat are starving for food. Their men had gone to India to get supplies were strained there due to the lockdown. We in Pokhara have started supporting such vulnerable families form last Thursday. We had one day to prepare packages. 

Friday 3rd April, we covered 52 families in ward 14 who have finished their food supplies and were prioritised by the ward Chair with other community representatives. While reaching with food supplies to these families we ask the neighbours if they were happy for the people who receive such help, they replied that they are very happy. This confirms that they are the neediest families in the localities. In addition to relief package distribution, PCC and ACN handed over Rs. 25000 cheques each to the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor of Pokhara Metropolitan to contribute to the Corona Relief Funds. Our team said that it was just a small amount comparing to the needs that people have, the Mayor responded, ‘the amount still contributes a lot and more than that ‘act’ is important and you have done it’. 

Saturday 4th April, we covered 40 families who are disable and poor in the ward 15, Nayagaun and GP areas. The ward Chair and their team provided us the list of those prioritised people and led us to their homes. We carried supplies and handed over to them. Sometimes it is possible to distribute in groups that shortened our travel and was time saving. We had a single mother with 2 sons who had not eaten anything for last two days as the mother was only the source of income to buy daily food items. Children were saying they feel like eating rice but there is no grain in the rice-bucket. We heard about this family and reached her with a package of supplies. Meanwhile, a TV team happened to be there as they were meeting such families in that locality. With tears in her eyes the mom says, ‘Now my children can survive for some days and thank you for bringing this food to us’. She with her two children migrated from Gulmi to Pokhara. 

Sunday 5th April, we were able to reach 35 neediest families with disabilities and poorest amongst them in ward 16. We divided into two teams to make the distribution easier and faster. We found a young boy in a cage kept for a year of time as he is mentally challenged and shows dangerous behaviour to others when he is free. Some families live on hills and it was hard to reach them. In such case, we used scooters to carry supplies as this is only the possibility to run on small tracks through fields. Many people with disabilities are from birth and some got it later due to different reasons. Families who have provide care to them look so helpless and tired. I personally, never had such opportunities to meet people with disabilities in such a number and that gives me general view of the conditions of the people with disability. Families having disabled members are mostly very poor and belong to the lower casts. 

Monday 6th April, early in the morning Dandapani called from Lakhnath, ward no 29 and said that there are 5 families with disabilities and have nothing to eat and further, with little hope, wanted to check if ACN could help them. I told him to contact the respective ward Chairman, we would see how we can do more in this area. Prakash, the ACN Secretary and Dinesh immediately took the step forward and within an hour a list was ready, recommendation from the ward was available, two jeeps were loaded. We the team reached there by afternoon and we could visit 36 families with food supplies. When we reached the area that Dandapani had indicated to have poor families with disabilities Dandapani was communicating with other beneficiary families and waiting for us. Dandapani is also a blind but he said he would not need supplies as he has his own provision. He is a Christian and we shared how he became a blessing for 36 families by raising his voice that morning. ACN is also the same, we just request people for prayers and help and link that to the needs of people, we are nothing just a channel. It was amazing! As other days, we carried food packs to different locations of the people of our target. Ward Chair and his team drove with us from the beginning to the end. The team worked hard and looked rather exhausted, but it was a great day of joy, peace and satisfaction to be able to meet so many people in who were in desperate need. 

Tomorrow, 8th April, Prakash and Dinesh is sorting out with the ward 19 all documentation and preparing for tomorrow. We have a plan to distribute around 40 packs tomorrow to the neediest families among the families with disabilities. Today, we have a break from going out. Many of us are working from home. We will see next week if the lockdown is over. 

We try our best for protection of ourselves and others by using hand-sanitizer, masks and keeping in distance. In the community sometimes it is really difficult to maintain social distance. 

Funds: We have received funds (with commitment) as planned for this phase. If funds remains, we will be able to amend plan for the next phase as well in consultation with donors and SWC. We will plan for follow up with some of the disabled people such as the one who was in the cage. Thank you for supporting. 

For us, His children, this week is very important to think about our Lord Jesus Christ coming to this sinful world to bear our sins on the cross and to unite us to God. We certainly are very thankful for what God did on the cross and meditate on this. We are observing the Good Friday this year differently in midst of pains, troubles, difficulties and needs due to this COVID-19. May this lead to us to be grateful to God and live the meaning of it where we are. 

Thank you all again for your prayers and practical support you have offered to us enabling us to meet the immediate needs of desperate people to survive till other help comes to the. 


Bara Parsa och översvämningar 2019

Nyligen kom det en rapport från vår partner Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) (namnet betyder Goda Grannar). Där berättas om vad Nepals Vänner har varit med och stöttat, plus mycket annat. Dels är det katastrofhjälpen med anledning av översvämningar i somras i samband med de kraftiga monsunregnen. Det var 33 distrikt i östra och centrala Nepal som drabbades av översvämningar och jordskred. 90 människor omkom, 41 personer skadades och 29 personer saknas fortfarande. Totalt var det 36 728 hushåll som drabbades.

ACN bistod med:

  1. Mat och andra förnödenheter till 1 155 familjer som drabbats av översvämning  
  2. Utbildning av drygt 80 personer från några av distrikten i krishantering och hur man förbereder sig för och förebygger en krissituation
  3. Installerade 5 handpumpar för vatten

Katastrof i Nepal efter häftiga monsun

Vill du vara med och hjälpa de drabbade så swisha till 1235672381 eller gör en insättning på bankgiro 122-4708. Märk med ”Katastrof Insamling”.

Brev som kom den 14 aug 2019 på engelska från Asal Chhimekees/Goda Grannars direktor, Raju Adhikari

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
You might have heard about continuing rain and devastating flood starting during this weekend.  The facts are as below:
According to the Home Ministry:

  • 28 districts are affected by the rain and flood. The districts on the hills have suffered landslides and in the plain (on the Nepal India border side) are from devastating floods. 
  • Kathmandu valley is also worst affected. 
  • 6 million families are badly affected.
  • 28000 houses have been completely destroyed.
  • 120 people died, 35 people are missing, 1104  people are rescued, 185 were from Kathmandu alone. 
  • In Dolpa District (hill), 11 people with 4 houses are swept away by flood/ and landslide.
  • The displaced people re in the temporary shelter waiting for relief support.  
  • Government is mobilising security personnel in search and rescue and distributing relief supplies. 
  • Farmers have been just planing rice in the plains and hills, especially in the plain, most of the crops are ruined.  80% of the land of the flood-hit districts have been affected.
  • Roads, schools, health posts, sanitation, are destroyed.  Electricity and water supplies have been interrupted. 
  • 400 animals have been killed. 
  • 700 people are trapped in hotels and resort in Terai.
  • Government has formed teams from the central to local level for disaster response and funds have been allocated.
  • A high alert has been announced by the government of Nepal. Government has invited all to help the affected people.