Rapport från hela projektet, Januari 2021

Nedan finns en länk till en färsk rapport med bilder från skolutvecklings programmet som Nepals Vänner stödjer i Gorkha distriktet. Under januari och februari pågår också ett pilotprojekt med digital engelskundervisning. Mer information kommer senare.


Rapport 4, januari 2020

A one day school annual program was conducted by Shree Janjagriti primary school, Simle Srinathkot on 29th of Jaunary, 2020. ACN representation was also invited to that program. Mr. Surendra Dash (staff) and Mr. Muktinath Dhakal (Vice Chair) were able to participate during the program. Mr. Prakash Chand Duwadi (Provenance Minister) was the Chief Guest. Some teachers from other nearby schools of the community, local community members and parents were also present and participated actively. It was one of the outcomes/impact of education enhancement program, that the school held this first annual program. At the same time, the school management committee shared about the progress, changes and future plan regarding their work performance. 

Mr. Utam Gurung (Principle) requested parents to send their children to school regularly. He proclaimed this year they have 80% progress in their student’s attendance than the previous year and the number of students were increasing annually. Now the school management committee have also prepared the school’s annual plan. Mr. Utam Gurung expressed his thanks to ACN for supporting in education enhancement program of the school and stated that program as one of the important part the project.  He said, “ACN facilitated in awareness session about having annual program and other program for qualitative education for which they are starting this kind of program among the community of Simle”. 

Representatives from Arkul Primary School, Chandroday Secondary School and Janakalyan Secondary School were also present for the program. They also expressed their thanks to ACN in their respective speech.  They said, “We are in progress for quality education after getting training, materials and awareness from Asal Chhimekee Nepal. We are still backward in education enhancement and the government is not supporting us properly. Our local community people are also not well educated so we were dealing with issues on how to develop our teaching methods and documentation system of students. But now we are able to take steps because Asal Chhimekee Nepal has guided us concerning this problems”.  Ward Chairman, Mr. Suraj Dhakal was also very thankful towards Janjagriti School for doing this kind of modelling program. He said other school also need to follow such practice and learn from education enhancement program of Asal Chhimekee Nepal. Different type of games and educational activities were conducted by teachers and students of Janjagriti Primary School at the event. 

Mr. Suraj Dhakal (Chair Man) also requested ACN for more additional support in education enhancement program. He said, “Through education we can change our society so we all community people need to support from our side. Our community will be changed when these children from our community are able to gain good and quality education”. Lastly he expressed this heartfelt thanks to ACN for supporting in education sector since from very long time. Mr. Muktinath Dhakal also spoke on behalf of Asal Chhimekee Nepal. He explained about ACN works, supports and supporting partners as well. He witnessed how Asal Chhimekee Nepal has influenced to school. A lot of changes were seen in that school through school enhancement program supported by ACN. In Arkul Primary School, there were around 11-15 students at the beginning when ACN completed the school building reconstruction after the earthquake 2015. And now there are 41 students currently studying and number of students are expected to increase this year as well. They have started English medium class for all grades but they are facing language problems.  ACN supported with some English books to the teachers for their knowledge.  They also faced problems on using computer and other technical skills as well for which the school management committee have requested for Basic English language class and computer class.


Rapport 3, december 2019, svensk sammanfattning

En kort rapporten om skolutvecklingsprojektet New Hope i Shreenathkot i Gorkha distriktet.

  1. Utbildning av lärare
    1. ACN genomförde en tre-dagars kurs i september för att utrusta och uppmuntra lärare från åtta skolor i området. Utbildningen fokuserade på förståelse för lärande, undervisning, vikten av läroplan, barns utveckling, etc. Utbildningen var både teoretisk och praktisk. Efter utbildningen utryckte en lärare, ”Vi fick nya idéer för hur vi ska undervisa.” Lärarna var mycket glada över det de lärt sig.
  2. Bibliotek
    1. ACN har utrustat 7 skolor i området med bibliotek. Studenterna uppskattade mycket att få nya böcker och annat läsmaterial samt möbler i sina bibliotek.


Progress Report 2; 3 December 2019

Written by Bijaya Shrestha, Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN)

Education Enhancement Project (New Hope Project) Shreenathkot, Gorkha  

As the education enhancement project in Gorkha started from last April, 2019, ACN have recently completed some of the planned activities which was planned initially at project proposal. The main focus of these implementing activities were to contribute to enhancement of educational quality in the schools of Shreenathkot, Gorkha. Some of the major achievements achieved during this period of project till the month of November, 2019 are as follows:

  1. Education awareness session for parents, teachers and school management committee in Janagriti and Arkul Primary School:

As the start of schools new academic year in 2019, education awareness session for parents in Janagriti and Arkul Primary Schools have been conducted. The awareness sessions were conducted in Arkul Primary School on 15th April and in Janagriti Primary School on 23rd April, 2019. Parents, teachers and school management committee participated in awareness session program from respective schools. Almost 40 people from Arkul School and 45 people from Janagriti School were able to participate and learn from the awareness session program. ACN team facilitated during the program in an interactive way where people were able to share their ideas and weakness of school. Facilitators also supported them for identifying their key issues and problems of school management team as well. The main topics for discussion included during the program were on reasons for major dropout of students in their school, parents, teachers and school management’s duties, roles and responsibilities for quality education of their children at school and home and so on. The participative method of discussion helped in finding solutions for their problems to some of the extent as well. Hence the education awareness session was very fruitful. The parents, teachers and school management committee have also planned some major action plan from their side for the quality of education after the awareness session program. Some of the major future plans are as follows:

  • Regular management committee meeting.
  • Organize annual parents day at the end of the final examination with publish of students’ academic result.
  • Individual file management of each students.
  • Starting audios and videos learning such as rhymes.
  • Student’s house visiting program by the teachers.
  • Effective communication and frequent interaction program organized between teacher, parents and management committee.
  • Almost 1 time school visit from committee members.
  • Education awareness session for parents, teachers and school management committee in Janakalyan Secondary School

One day awareness session conducted on 5th September, 2019 in Janakalyan Seondary School. During the program, school teacher’s, management committee, parents, local elected leaders and local community people were involved from Shreenathkot, Gorkha. School principals and teachers from Shreenathkot Primary, Arkul Primary, Buddhikalyan Primary and Janajriti Primary School were able to participate and learn from the program. The session was facilitated by one of the best school principal from Gorkha who had great experience in this sector.  Facilitator Mr. Purshottam Bhattarai shared from his own experiences and challenged related people to think how school can be better. He shared that teacher need to be like Sanyasi, which means need to forget own personal things and devote to school activities. They need a vision to make a school better and good team work. He shared about role and responsibilities of parents, teacher, management committee and local people who can directly impact in children educations. People were enthusiastic to listen and learn from him. Facilitator also shared some tips how to make school better, he showed some example regarding teaching methodologies which they are using in there school. He encouraged people to firm different groups to share the school activity responsibility. When facilitator finished his part, ward chair mentioned as a parents that his concern about his children who are studying there. He suggested school teacher, management team and all other parents to think seriously about children’s educations. He also mentioned that ward will support them when needed. At the end school management chair told this program is going to be a cause of change in positive way. He was giving thanks to ACN to organize and make a kind of plan to improve educations quality of JKSS. The program started by welcoming all participants and facilitators and also sharing objectives of the event i.e. conducting awareness program for JKSS, preliminary meeting with teachers for upcoming teachers training, delivery of IEC materials for library support among the management committee and related stakeholders from school. The awareness session was very productive in the sense that the participants had an opportunity for good interactions between different stakeholders of school, networking and coordination linkage, interaction among parents, teachers, local people and management team about education enhancement program. The overall program went well and had a positive impact on teachers encouraging people to form various groups and share the school’s activity and responsibility among them. The program was appreciated and thanked by the participants, facilitators as well as the parents and community people at the end. 

  • Motivational and Child Psychology Training:

As per the plan of providing different need based training for teachers and support them to equip with contemporary teaching methodology, ACN conducted Motivational and Child Psychology Training for teachers of various schools in Shreenathkot, Gorkha. The training was organized in Shree Janakalyan Secondary School, ward no. 7, Gorkha which was one of the school constructed by ACN. The training was conducted on 22 to 24 Sembember, 2019 (3 days) and there were altogether 28 teachers (16 male and 12 female) from 8 different schools of Shreenathkot, Gorkha participating for the program. For the main objective of the training was to equip and encourage school teachers for quality education at school, they were provided with practical teaching methods. Teachers from various schools were able to share, interact and discuss on major issues faced by them for appriopriate contribution towards quality education at their school which motivated them more. The training was facilitated by ECEC “Early Childhood Education Centre”. Lalitpur who are known as expert for providing such trainings.

During the training, there were also few feedbacks collected from the participants at the end of the program. The collected feedbacks summarized that the training was helpful in understanding children’s way of learning and behaving with them. The training also aided in adopting new ideas on how to use locally available teaching resources, theoretical and practical approaches with demonstrations for effective teaching methods. On overall the training was found to be very useful and participants were very enthusiastic to learn and support from their side for quality education at their school and community.

  • Library materials support to schools in Shreenathkot:

ACN also had planned to supply necessary education materials as per the need of schools such as books, reading table – chair, sports materials, etc. Hence ACN distributed library materials in various schools on Shreenathkot, Gorkha. The sub-activities conducted under this program were orientation on library facilities and its importance for students, discussion and sharing on upcoming trainings, delivery and handover of library furniture, books to respective schools and management committee. Altogether 5 schools were supported with library materials and furniture and they were Arkul Primary School, Baljyoti Primary School, Janakalyan Secondary School, Buddhi Kalyan Primary School and Shreenath Primary School in Shreenatkot, Gorkha. During the material support program, orientation sessions with school teachers, management committee members, ward chair and other leaders were also conducted. After receiving library materials, school management committee members, local ward leaders and teachers were very thankful towards ACN.  

Some impacts of the program from the follow up

After the awareness session conducted on April in Arkul Primary School and Janagriti Primary School, teachers were more motivated and conscious about their roles and responsibilities for quality education in their schools. They also have planned about their upcoming steps for improving education level at their schools. So during the follow-up visits after the awareness programs, ACN found that the teachers from Janagriti Primary School have improved their student’s database by creating student individual record file for their academic documentation. They are organizing regular meeting with parents, school management team and are involved in home visiting of students as well. Teachers are focusing more on weak students and trying to support on their studies by contributing on extra hours after classroom for their study. Now the school have also owned the facility of drinking water provision on regular basis through community water projects. Teachers participating on recent trainings were able to learnings and experience with their colleagues and committee members. 

Teachers receiving certificate on completion of Motivational and Child Psychology Training
Individual student’s record file maintained by school


 Progress Report 1; 13th June, 2019 

Written by Bijaya Shrestha, , Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN)

Greetings from ACN! 

I hope you are doing fine. It’s good to update you on our project, to let you know where we are up to. As you know that our project started from last April 2019 and we are doing the initial part of the plan. As the new school year began, we started doing awareness sessions in schools. We conducted two awareness sessions in Arkul Primary and Janajagriti Primary schools which is found very useful. The school team organized from the local level and from ACN Mr. Surendra Das and myself (Bijaya) was involved in the facilitation process. The awareness program was for one day and we discussed about different issues and how we can make the school better was the focus. We discussed about role and responsibilities of; parents, teachers, management committee & local government and also we discussed how ACN can be helpful to them. People were very actively involved in the discussion sessions and we discovered that many parents and committee members were not aware of what had been happening in the school. 

Because of ACN’s involvement in the last years since earthquake and the rebuilding of the school buildings, local people have felt the impact of our work and are so much thankful to donors and ACN. In both sessions from all the schools around 45 people participated including teachers, management committee and parents. Because of different reasons we couldn’t organize an awareness session in two high schools but it’s still in plan. We are planning to do this in early August. 

Some outcomes from the awareness sessions; 

 Creating personal file of each student 

 Celebration of Parents Day in the middle of the School year or after 2nd term exam result 

 Proper recordings of homework by teacher 

 Teacher and parents meeting with progress report end of each term’s exam results 

 Starting audio and visual learning such as rhymes and other children related learning materials 

 House visiting program from teachers to students home 

 Starting proper communication and proper follow between teachers, parents and management committee 

 Regular Management Committee meeting 

 Frequently monitoring by Management Committee 

 Time to time interaction program between teacher, parents and committee 

ACN will follow up time to time how these outcomes are taking seriously by school and related stakeholders. 

This year in Arkul School number of student has increased now total 45 students enrolled. They are asking us if we can support them to buy some more furniture. They are very much looking forward to 

us starting the new pilot project that we planned while Torsten visited. Now Arkul School has a permanent drinking water source from Arkul village scheme water project from government water support. It is really good to see how Arkul School is developing step by step. 

Currently we are working on supporting education materials for schools according to our plan. When we initially made the plans for this project we planned to support with education materials only in the schools ACN rebuilt. However, in Shreenathkot there are three more primary schools not covered in our plan. We have included them in our training plan but we left them out in our educations material supporting program. When we shared our plan with local government officials they are suggested that we should provide some teaching materials and library furniture to the other schools as well. They are suggesting that we use the same budget to provide them some portions so those schools also can benefit and so they won’t feel neglected. When we discussed this in our team we also agreed that it’s a good idea. If we do this it will help us build a good relationship with them for the training program. As it has two implication, one is, if we use the available funds, the current school will receive less than the plan, for additional fund, we need to check with. Therefore, it is here to request you for your kind opinion on this. 

In monsoon time schools have one and half month’s summer vacations, once school resumes we will supply educations materials and also we will run teachers training program. 

School details: 

1. Arkul Primary School 

2. Janajagrti Primary School 

3. Chandroday Secondary School 

4. Jana Kalyan Secondary School 

5. Shreenathkot Lower Secondary School (additional) 

6. Buddha Chandi Primary School (additional) 

7. Balkalyan Primary School (additional) 

We really appreciate your prayers and thank you for your all supports.